Beyond Bangles and Bands—If You Can Imagine That

All of you are keenly aware of our mission here at STACKED New York: To get the women of the world (and those open-minded men who are cool enough to stack a few thumb rings and totally rock them) STACKED in our gorgeous Argentium silver stackable bangles and bands. But what you may not know is that we are also very dedicated to our industry.

Scott grew up in the jewelry industry. The grandson of a jewelry manufacturer, Scott visited his family's factory often as a boy, watching his grandfather, great-uncles, and father work. He joined his family's business, Kemp Metal Products, full-time in 1999 after graduating from college with degrees in marketing and management. Ever since, he has worked alongside his father to continue the company's now 70-year legacy of high-quality precious metal ring blank manufacturing.

I sorta grew up in the jewelry industry; I guess I "matured" in it. After graduating from college with a BA in English in 1998, I accepted an assistant editor position with Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America (MJSA) and never looked back. I immediately fell in love with the jewelry industry—and not only for obvious reasons. Sure I LOVED drooling over diamonds and ogling beautiful pieces of designer jewelry at trade shows. But what truly inspired me were the creative minds behind the baubles. I got to meet so many amazing people during my 15+ years as an editor at MJSA. I listened to their stories about where they came from, how they work, and how they run their businesses. Without their incredible generosity and knowledge sharing, I would never have developed the deep love for the industry that I have today.

Scott and I may have taken different roads to get to where we are today—he focused on the manufacturing and business side in practice while I wrote about it in the pages of a trade magazine—but we share a common experience: We had amazing teachers. 

And today, fortunate to have had the opportunity to work together to build an amazing brand, we want to share our knowledge and experiences with others in the jewelry industry. 

I recently had a chance to do just that when I was asked to present at the Portland Jewelry Symposium on October 6. Speaking to an audience of over 100 aspiring and established jewelry designers, custom jewelers, retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers, I shared tips and ideas for building a brand. Tapping the minds of some of the designers that I most admire in our industry—Alex Woo, Todd Reed, and Sarah Graham, among others—I put together strategies that any jewelry business owner can use to successfully build brand recognition today. 

 Here I am presenting tips on brand building at the 2014 Portland Jewelry Symposium, held Oct. 6 in Portland, OR.

Here I am presenting tips on brand building at the 2014 Portland Jewelry Symposium, held Oct. 6 in Portland, OR.

In the coming months, Scott and I will will continue to work on another project that we feel will provide our peers in the industry valuable information that they can use to improve their products. For the 2015 Santa Fe Symposium on Jewelry Manufacturing, we will be presenting our research on blackening silver, aiming to find a consistent and durable method that offers the best results. We have been blackening our Argentium silver stackable bangles and bands with great success, achieving gorgeous black and gray tones, and we wanted to test a number of different methods on standard sterling silver as well to compare the results.

While all of the effort that goes into these projects also helps us to be better jewelry manufacturers, it makes us both feel good to be able to give back to an industry that has given us so much. 

As the saying goes, you should do what you love. We are so very happy to say that we do.

Tina SnyderComment