Strength In Numbers: 1

Each number carries special meaning in the universe—and wearing a certain number of STACKED New York bangles or bands can symbolize a hope, dream, challenge, or circumstance in your life. In this series of blog posts, we'll examine the meaning behind each number, and when you can use it to channel the strength of the universe in your daily life.


Heading into a job interview? Taking a tough test? Going through a break up? Embrace the number 1. A symbol of independence and new beginnings, the number 1 reflects the power of positive thinking. With a strong will, you can achieve your dreams, personally and professionally. 

Your thoughts become your reality, so change your attitude about the numero uno. It's not the loneliest number; it's a symbol of independence and energy. Dig deep, find your inner strength, and face your fears. You alone have the power to will your dreams into reality.


Our favorite STACKED New York bangles and bands for making a solo statement include:

• Lenox Avenue. The high polish waves sparkle on the matte finished background of this gorgeous, supremely elegant design—a perfect way to commemorate a seaside escape, cruise, or bungee jump. 

• Houston Street. Some think it looks like snakeskin, others see leopard print. Whatever your interpretation, this vintage textured beast is bold and beautiful—and an ideal starter piece for any woman with a boho chic sensibility.

• Prince Street. Let your spirit soar and fly away with the enchanting feather pattern on one of our favorite standalone designs—a poignant symbol of any new beginning in your life.