Strength In Numbers: 2

Each number carries special meaning in the universe—and wearing a certain number of STACKED New York bangles or bands can symbolize a hope, dream, challenge, or circumstance in your life. In this series of blog posts, we'll examine the meaning behind each number, and when you can use it to channel the strength of the universe in your daily life. 


Facing a major life change? In between jobs or relationships? In need of some spiritual or emotional grounding? Embrace the number 2.

Partnerships and pairs, love and unions—the relationships that define and break you, mold and make you—revolve around the number 2.

Two is company. You can find strength and solace in a well-balanced pair. Any time your life lacks balance, or challenging circumstances make you feel as if you are floating outside yourself—like an onlooker hovering over your own body—find your anchor. 

Always let your dreams soar, but keep your feet on the ground so you can chase those dreams...and attain them all.


Our favorite STACKED New York bangle and band pairings include:

 Hudson Street (top) and Lenox Avenue (bottom)

Hudson Street (top) and Lenox Avenue (bottom)

• Lenox Avenue and Hudson Street. The ebb and flow of the wave design on Lenox Avenue is the perfect counterbalance to the smooth continuous path encircling Hudson Street. It's the perfect reminder that the highs and lows in life all happen for a reason, steering you down the path toward your dreams.

• Greenwich Avenue and Market Street. You're a star, and you'll feel like one in Greenwich Avenue. Pair it with Market Street—a powerful, no-frills statement-maker—and you're unstoppable.

• Chrystie Street and Baxter Street. Just not feeling glamorous? Well, hello, gorgeous: Wipe that silly idea away. Want a little help? Try pairing the dazzling diamond-cut Chrystie with the endless floral design on Baxter. Your pretty just got prettier.