Cheers! Three Top Trends from the Vegas Jewelry Shows

Every year in late May, everyone who's anyone in the jewelry industry makes the annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas for jewelry week. There, jewelry makers and retail buyers connect to bring you, the consumer, the latest designs. Oh, and there's a lot of drinking.

We spent this year scoping out the shows to decide where we'd like to exhibit next year, spotting the jewelry trends that are sure to carry on, and, of course, drinking! Here are three of the hottest things happening in jewelry today:

 Stack 'em high...bubbles optional.

Stack 'em high...bubbles optional.


Wearing one lonely ring or bracelet just won't cut it anymore: You've got to populate those fingers and wrists with stacks! We know this sounds self-serving, but it's a trend we spotted literally everywhere we turned. For rings, 3 is the magic number—and all fingers are game. Thumb and pinky rings are back!

When it comes to bangles, pile them on and pile them high! And listen for quality. A friend of ours likened the "jingle jangle" of our bangles to designer shoes: "You can hear the difference between a cheap pair of heels and an expensive pair of heels—they just don't sound as good!" Right on, sister!


The midi ring, worn between the first and second knuckle, is here to stay! We saw midis in all shapes and sizes on the show floors. Keep comfort in mind when choosing a midi style—and get a good tight fit. One enthusiastic wave or hand gesture and a loose midi is a lost midi. 

Want one of our designs in a midi ring? No problem! We can make any of our bands in half sizes starting at size 1, so drop us an email and let us know what we can make for you:


It's become as much of a staple as the LBD: Blackened precious metals are the new normal. Designers in droves are using blackened silver to give their designs an edge or add a vintage look and feel. There is a certain softness and beauty to blackened silver that pairs so well with polished silver and gold. One of our favorite combinations is our cool, gray blackened Argentium silver paired with 14k pink gold—a stunner. 

Can't pick? Check out our top three bestselling vintage Argentium silver bangles: Prince Street, Spring Street, and Houston Street. Want to pair them with some beautiful pink gold? Email us to find out what we can make for you: