Strength In Numbers: 4

Each number carries special meaning in the universe—and wearing a certain number of STACKED New York bangles or bands can symbolize a hope, dream, challenge, or circumstance in your life. In this series of blog posts, we'll examine the meaning behind each number, and when you can use it to channel the strength of the universe in your daily life.


When you need grounding or an escape from the chaos around you, seek order in the number 4. 

North, south, east, west. The four seasons. Reason and logic find a home in the number 4—a symbol of calm and order in the universe.

Living in our technologically oversaturated world, it can be difficult to turn off and tune out the inputs that bombard our every waking moment. Take a look around and you'll find the majority of people with their heads buried in their phones and tablets, processing dozens of data points every few seconds.

When you need to get away from it all but can't take a hammer to your laptop and buy a one-way ticket to Bali, take spiritual solace in the number 4. Remind yourself that you can chose to turn off your phone and tune out for a few hours, and the world isn't going to end. Close your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply, and find your footing in the zen of 4.


Our favorite STACKED New York bangle and band stacks of 4 include:

• Bond, Spring, Baxter, and Ludlow. A natural choice for the 4 stack, the three florals in Bond, Spring, and Baxter offer a stark contrast to the sleek, urban styling of Ludlow. Together, they serve as a reminder of nature's beauty in its many forms amidst the fast, slick pace of life today—a modern interpretation of the old saying, "Stop and smell the roses."

 Top to bottom: Bond Street, Spring Street, Baxter Street, and Ludlow Street bangles. $250 each/$900 for stack of 4.

Top to bottom: Bond Street, Spring Street, Baxter Street, and Ludlow Street bangles. $250 each/$900 for stack of 4.

• Four bands from our Street Smart Collection. If you were blessed with long fingers, you can make a truly dramatic statement of calm and order with a 4 stack of Street Smart bands. Mix our 28th, 42nd, and Carmine designs for an all-metal cool-as-a-cucumber look. Or pepper in calming colors such as purple tanzanite, blue topaz, or green sapphire.

• Greenwich, Lenox, Baxter, and Prince. This is the ultimate 4 stack, harnessing the power of the solar system (Greenwich), the ocean (Lenox), the earth (Baxter), and the sky (Prince). Bringing all of this energy together into a single statement is a powerful way to order your own energy and ground yourself.