Two Top Trends for Fall—And the Bangles to Match

Combing the hefty September issues of my favorite fashion magazines—Sept. Vogue takes the cake at a whopping 856 pages—I spotted two key trends that you're sure to see everywhere this fall:

FEATHERS. Many birds might be flying south for the winter, but their feathers are taking it to the streets of NYC, as feathered fashions and accessories take center stage this fall. From cocktail dresses to winter coats to details on your favorite accessories, feathers will be ubiquitous this season—and our Prince Street stackable bangle and band design is the perfect complement to the trend. The endless feather pattern is hand engraved by our master craftsmen in Argentium silver, then antiqued using our proprietary blackening process. The finished piece is a ready-to-wear piece of art. Rock it alone as a statement bangle, or stack it with complementary designs from our STACKED New York collection. For an ethereal 3 stack, pair the feathered Prince with our star-studded Greenwich and infinity-patterned Columbus. Fly!

BLACK AND WHITE. It should come as no surprise that all of the black-and-white patterns trending this fall have our hearts fluttering: Our Signature Collection bangles and bands are the black-and-white accessories made for this trend! Stack up any of the 19 designs in our Signature Collection and you can't go wrong—especially this fall, as traditional Houndstooth looks new again when reinterpreted by top designers, and B+W patterns abound!

Click though the gallery below to see some of our favorite feathered looks for fall, including Alexander McQueen, Prada, Chloe, Alberta Ferretti, Chanel, Hugo Boss, and DKNY.




Tina SnyderComment