Jewelry Made in New York: Why Does It Matter?

All STACKED New York Jewelry Is Made in New York—and for Good Reason

To us, the fact that all of our STACKED New York bangles, bands, earrings, and necklaces are Made in New York is a seriously big deal. We’re proud of it—and we make sure everyone knows these pieces were lovingly crafted in our Long Island factory. But does it really matter to the average American consumer? I mean, does it matter to you?

 All STACKED New York jewelry is handmade in New York to the highest quality standards.

All STACKED New York jewelry is handmade in New York to the highest quality standards.

Take a walk around your house and pick up some of the random items you find along the way. Chances are, a very high percentage of those things in your home were not Made in the USA. And we all know why: It’s cheaper to manufacture overseas. Cheaper labor means cheaper prices for the end consumer. And the story is much the same for jewelry. But still, American jewelry manufacturers like us struggle to compete with less expensive jewelry made overseas. And you bet you’re going to pay more for it than a similar piece made in China or India.

So why should you?

1.Quality. It’s unfair to make a sweeping statement that all jewelry made overseas is poor quality, because it is not. But, as an example, take one of our Argentium silver STACKED New York bangles and compare it to another sterling silver bangle made overseas, and you can literally feel the difference in quality. Try squeezing both bangles in your hands and see which one gives under the pressure and begins to deform.

Not to get too technical, but all of our jewelry starts as metal grain that we melt, form into bars, and draw into tube. The tube is then drawn to size, cut, machined, and often hand textured or engraved. The stones are set by hand, and the pieces are all polished or blackened by hand.

2. American labor. Oh, about all those hands…they’re the hands of American workers who rely on you to buy jewelry Made in the USA to feed their families. Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it? Well it’s true. Sure labor in Long Island, New York, is more expensive than labor in Hong Kong—and you’ll see that reflected in our prices. But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

3. Customer service. Have a question about a bangle order you placed? Want to customize a ring on your Mini Stack Necklace with multiple birthstones? No problem! Simply email or call us, and we’ll be happy to help. Try doing that with a jewelry company based overseas. Plain and simple: It’s much easier to communicate with US jewelry manufacturers without the time zone or language barriers. And, speaking for STACKED New York only, we actually care how you feel about your purchase. We want you to be satisfied—to become a collector—and we’ll go to great lengths to ensure that you are.

Because once you get your hands on a piece of STACKED New York jewelry, it’s hard to stop adding to your collection. You know why? Because it’s gorgeous, quality, American crafted jewelry that can be customized just for you.

And that’s the beauty of Made in New York.