Expanded Mini Stack Necklace Collection—Personalized for You

Argentium Silver Customizable Mini Stack Necklace Collection Expands

Following the success of our very first STACKED New York Necklace, the Mom Mini Stack, we decided to build upon this delicate, sentimental necklace option to include other themes. The collection grew organically, as more and more of our clients started ordering Mini Stack Necklaces to commemorate various occasions in their lives: from high school graduations to baby showers to personal victories over challenging illnesses. This experience of working with our clients to craft meaningful, very personal talismans of strength, hope, love, and encouragement led to the development of our growing Mini Stack Necklace Collection.

Executed in Argentium Silver, our mini rings are simply tiny versions of our standard bands and bangles—made using the very same process that turns raw molten metal into the beautiful STACKED New York Argentium Silver jewelry you see on our website. Each necklace carries a special theme. Take "Girl Power," for example. Inspired by the little ladies in our lives who are growing up before our eyes, the Girl Power Mini Stack Necklace reminds girls of all ages that through confidence and loving themselves, they will achieve their goals and live their dreams. 


Every Mini Stack Necklace carries special meaning—and all can be customized to suit your specific circumstance. There is no greater satisfaction for us than working with a client to craft a jewelry piece with special meaning. If you are interested in customizing a Mini Stack Necklace for you or a loved one, simply email us at info@stackednewyork.com with your request.

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