Where It All Began—The STACKED New York Story

It all started with a stack of silver bangles.

My friend, Scott Raskin, a ring blank manufacturer, had made a run of simple Argentium silver bangles for a trade show—and I fell in love with them. I immediately ordered a stack of 8.

I wore the bangles almost daily—they went with everything—and I soon wanted more. I wanted additional designs to throw into the mix—colored gemstone options, blackened pieces, more elaborate designs. Vintage and modern looks. Matching bands! The conversation started. STACKED New York was born.

While Scott and I brainstormed ideas for a line of stackable bangles and bands that could be mixed and matched for an endless variety of looks, something started happening to me. Or, more accurately, I started noticing something. There were patterns in the numbers that impacted my daily life; for example, I was seeing the number 8 everywhere. I became curious about the meaning of numbers and began researching.


As I read about the spiritual significance of numbers, I realized that the stack of bangles that I had ordered from Scott was an 8: a symbol of business success. The universe was trying to tell me something. I believed, in my heart, that STACKED New York was my destiny.

I felt empowered wearing those 8 bangles, and I wanted nothing more than to share this beautiful message of strength in numbers, expressed through equally stunning jewelry, with the world.

In the many months that followed, Scott and I developed what is now the STACKED New York brand. A combination of his 15+ years' experience manufacturing jewelry and my 15+ years as a jewelry industry trade press editor, we bring an unparalleled perspective to our brand.

All STACKED New York jewelry is proudly made in New York, harnessing the city's energy to create luxe accessories that are both street smart and spiritually connected to the universe. Wearing a certain number of STACKED New York bangles or bands can symbolize a hope, dream, challenge, or circumstance in your life, giving you a talisman to wear on your body that is of personal significance. 

Jewelry is not only a fashion statement, but also a unique expression of self. To us, jewelry is strength in numbers. 

-Tina Snyder, Co-Owner