The Ruling Numbers

Adding up all the digits in your birth date, as shown in our previous post, you arrive at your Ruling number. In Pythagorean numerology, the Ruling numbers are 2 through 9, 10, 11, and 22/4. Note examples of instances in which the compound number is the Ruling number:

May 6, 1979: 5/6/1979 = 37/10

February 1, 1970: 2/1/1979 = 29/11

February 1, 1963: 2/1/1963 = 22/4 

Your Ruling number reveals details about your personality, your life's purpose, and the vocations for which you are best suited. Below, we summarize the Ruling numbers. (For more in-depth descriptions, see "The Complete Book of Numerology," by David A. Phillips, P.h.D., from where these descriptions are derived.)



Although the 1 is not a Ruling number in Pythagorean numerology, it is symbolic of fresh starts and independence.

STACKED New York's 1 stack: OPTIMISM. WILLPOWER. ENERGY. A symbol of independence and new beginnings, the number 1 reflects the power of positive thinking. With a strong will, you can achieve your dreams, personally and professionally. Wear a 1 stack for strength and courage.


Character traits: Sensitive, unassuming, intuitive, compassionate, supportive, artistic, peacemaking

Generally not inclined to take up a leadership role, you shine and thrive when you associate yourself with people and organizations that can benefit from your diligent capabilities and loyalty. Good at working with your hands—manually or artistically—you prefer to work at your own pace. Beware of materialism or too much ego getting in the way of your relationships, which could cause you to become frustrated and irritable. Use your innate intuition to surround yourself with people and experiences that make you feel good about yourself. And trust your instincts.

STACKED New York's 2 stack: BALANCE. STABILITY. CHALLENGE. Partnerships and pairs, love and unions—the relationships that define and break you, mold and make you—revolve around the number 2. Wear a 2 stack for balance, particularly in your relationships.


Character traits: Intelligent, organized, analytical, sense of humor

3s are thinkers: you understand life and develop your personality relying on logic and reasoning vs. intuition. Intelligent and witty, you make a great party host or hostess—and you generally have a successful work and social life. At home, you may have a tendency to be overly critical or have difficulty expressing yourself emotionally or physically. Avoid becoming too wrapped up in your intelligence and being too overly critical of others. 

STACKED New York's 3 stack: PAST. PRESENT. FUTURE. The number 3 is the culmination of history, experiences, and dreams. Symbolic of love and light, the 3 guides you on your way, watching over you as you forge your life's path. Wear a 3 stack for spiritual connectivity, to commemorate an important life event, or as a reminder of the greater energy beyond logic and reason. 


Character traits: Practical, conventional, materialistic, good with your hands, active

4s are among the most reliable, systematic, organized, and trustworthy people. You're a doer, not a delegator. Your outlook on life is very practical and conventional, and the emphasis you place on your work may cause you to neglect to bring balance to your life, especially at home. Look to develop your ability to relax and reflect.

STACKED New York's 4 stack: NATURE. ORDER. CALM. North, south, east, west. The four seasons. Reason and logic find a home in the number 4—a symbol of calm and order in the universe. Wear a 4 stack to ground yourself in the calm and order of the universe.


Character traits: loving, free spirit, artistic, adventurous, moody, sensitive

True free spirits, 5s are very sensitive and have an inherent need to express themselves. This often presents itself professionally as acting (whether on stage or in a sales role), in travel or hospitality, or as an artist, writer, entrepreneur, inventor, or social worker. Many 5s have a strong desire for adventure and travel.

STACKED New York's 5 stack: ADVENTURE. TRAVEL. FREE SPIRIT. Exploring new places and spaces, the number 5 manifests life's journeys and adventures—both physical and spiritual. Wear a 5 stack on any adventure.


Character traits: tolerant, creative, homebody, caring, anxious, worrier

There are two extremes for Ruling 6s: exceptional creativity and incessant worry. On the positive side, you have a loving nature and a deep love of humanity. You have exceptional creativity at work, at home, and at play. You are loving, unselfish, and tolerant. Unfortunately, many 6s succumb to worry and anxiety, which results in becoming trapped in a web of stress. You need to work hard to connect with the positive energy in the universe and banish excessive anxiety.

STACKED New York's 6 stack: HARMONY. TRUTH. SINCERITY. A sensitive and balanced number, 6 helps us find solutions to life's challenges in calm, honest ways. Seek truth and find balance in this even number. Wear a 6 stack when anxiety and worry take hold, to remind yourself to think positively and connect with your creative and loving nature.


Character traits: Assertive, philosophical, humanitarian, teacher

Possessing an almost limitless capacity from learning through personal involvement, 7s are great teachers. Your hunger to learn and your need for personal experience involves sacrifices in one or more areas: health, love, and/or money. Abiding by the philosophy that everything happens for a reason, you are not good at taking advice, nor are you the best judge of character. Take extreme caution in matters of business and investment.

STACKED New York's 7 stack: IMAGINATION. MAGIC. DREAMING. Higher forces are at work in the number 7, which stretches the imagination to a new level of creative consciousness, philosophizing, and dreaming. Wear a 7 stack to remind yourself that everything happens for a reason—and to strive for spiritual connectivity.


Character traits: Independent, self-confident, dependable, powerful

Independence is one of the most important aspects of life to an 8. You are complex and possess great wisdom and strength of character. Often in a position of authority at work and possessing the potential to become very successful in business, you are confident and dependable. Despite your enormous capacity for compassion and tenderness, you tend to hide your sensitivity. This can become problematic in your romantic relationships. Work on expressing your feeling.

STACKED New York's 8 stack: SUCCESS. WEALTH. POWER. The shape of cycles and repetition, the number 8 stands for the sheer determination that drives success in business and life, resulting in the rewards of wealth, powerful position, and status. Wear and 8 stack for success in business or personal pursuits. 


Character traits: Responsible, humanitarian, ambitious, idealistic, honest, serious

9s put people before things. More suited to art than science, as well as humanitarian pursuits, 9s seek to improve human life. You are ambitious and responsible, but you put heavy emphasis on personal responsibility, which can lead to disappointment. Take caution in financial matters, as you tend to be a poor money manager. And laugh more—don't take life too seriously.

STACKED New York's 9 stack: ACCOMPLISHMENT. SATISFACTION. HAPPINESS. The top of the ladder. The mountain peak. The number 9 reflects an inner satisfaction with one's personal and professional accomplishments and life achievements. Wear a 9 stack to acknowledge all the good work you have done—to reward yourself for your accomplishments. 


Character traits: Confident, bright, happy, good salespeople, sensitive

10s vary from the most likable, happy people on the positive end to lost, insecure souls on the negative end. Very adaptable, you have the potential for amazing success in life. Your happiness is infectious, and people like to be around you—but when you are suppressed, you become irritable and short tempered. Avoid superficiality and control your ego. Recognize your potential for the exceptional and meditate on your inner strength. Good vocations for 10s include sales, professional sports or entertainment, decorating and design, and working with fabrics or food.

STACKED New York's suggested stack for Ruling 10s: 6 or 4 


Character traits: Sensitive, caring, honest, compassionate, spiritual

Only two birth date totals commonly qualify for Ruling number 11: 29 and 38. The few 11s our there possess a high level of spirituality, but they rarely develop it. A lover of refinement, beauty, and the cultural values of life, you gravitate toward this environment to express yourself. But you have to learn to balance the material world with the spiritual ideals you seek. You are deeply feeling, dependable, and honest, and you have a strong love for your family and friends. 

STACKED New York's suggested stack for Ruling 11s: 7


Character traits: Self-confident, highly intuitive, sensitive

This is the master number. It occurs with 1 to 2 percent of the population. Ruling 22/4's have almost limitless potential and often make their mark in life by achieving seemingly impossible goals. But the main difference is between the aware and the unaware. The aware can master any aspect of life; the unaware drift into a lazy indifference.

The aware need a first-rate education. You learn at lightening speed and rise to leadership, called on for advice and guidance. Possessing powerful spiritual awareness and eminent practicality, you have great control over your emotions.  

STACKED New York's suggested stack for Ruling 22/4s: 7 or 8