All STACKED New York jewelry is proudly made in New York, harnessing the city's energy to create luxe accessories that are both street smart and spiritually connected to the universe. All of our stackable bangles and bands are named after streets in New York City, embracing the urban inspiration of our styling. Our Mini Stack Necklaces are personalized to order and come in a number of styles and themes. All STACKED New York jewelry can symbolize a hope, dream, challenge, or circumstance in a woman's life, giving her a talisman to wear on her body that is of personal significance.

We manufacture all of our jewelry to the highest quality standards, using only Argentium silver for our silver products. Argentium is a 100% recycled, hypoallergenic, luxury silver that is whiter, brighter, and purer than standard sterling silver. Our pieces are hand-cut, hand engraved or machined with high-tech equipment, and hand-finished. All of our gemstones are set by hand. All of this work is done—with care and pride—in New York.

Touched by many hands, crafted just for you, STACKED New York jewelry is strength in numbers.