What's Your Number?

All STACKED New York jewelry is proudly made in New York, harnessing the city's energy to create luxe accessories that are both street smart and spiritually connected to the universe. 


Strength in Numbers

Each number carries special meaning in the universe. Wearing a certain number of STACKED bangles or bands can symbolize a hope, dream, challenge, or circumstance in your life. Adorning yourself with talismans of personal or spiritual significance is a reminder of your broader connectivity to the universe and those around you. 

1. Optimism. Willpower. Energy. A symbol of independence and new beginnings, the number 1 reflects the power of positive thinking. With a strong will, you can achieve your dreams, personally and professionally.

2. Balance. Stability. Challenge. Partnerships and pairs, love and unions—the relationships that define and break you, mold and make you—revolve around the number 2.

3. Past. Present. Future. The number 3 is the culmination of history, experiences, and dreams. Symbolic of love and light, 3 guides you on your way, watching over as you forge your life’s path.

4. Nature. Order. Calm. North, south, east, west. The four seasons. Reason and logic find a home in the number 4—a symbol of calm and order in the universe.

5. Adventure. Travel. Free Spirit. Exploring new places and spaces, the number 5 manifests life’s journeys and adventures—both physical and spiritual. 

6. Harmony. Truth. Sincerity. A sensitive and balanced number, 6 helps us find solutions to life’s challenges in calm, honest ways. Seek the truth and find balance in this even number.

7. Imagination. Magic. Dreaming. Higher forces are at work in the number 7, which stretches the imagination to a new level of creative consciousness, philosophizing, and dreaming.

8. Success. Wealth. Power. The shape of cycles and repetition, the number 8 stands for the sheer determination that drives success in business and life, resulting in the rewards of wealth, powerful position, and status.

9. Accomplishment. Satisfaction. Happiness. The top of the ladder. The mountain peak. The number 9 reflects an inner satisfaction with one’s personal and professional accomplishments and life achievements.